Old Speck

October 29, 2008

Good Morning Gloggers!

One of my favorite aspects of Bethel is its location- smack in the middle of some of the greatest hiking east of the Mississippi. Last Saturday a group of us took advantage of the nearby mountains and made the treck up Old Speck- the second highest mountain in Maine.
Old Speck is one of my favorites in this area. The trail is fairly long with several steep pitches- definitely a good workout. The path cuts through beautiful forest and often there are signs of moose, spruce grouse, weasels, and other wildlife. On Saturday we encountered several hungry Gray Jays. We held up small snacks in the air and they swooped down and ate from our hands.
On top of Old Speck there is fire tower that can be climbed. From this there is a spectacular 360 degree veiw of the surrounding mountains and lakes. Oh, and there is snow on the trail!

Here are some shots from the hike.
Left- a Gray Jay.
Right- Jacob K. and Andrew N. on the fire tower

[flv:http://glog.gouldacademy.org/wp-content/uploads/blogspotvideos/29oct2008.flv 300 200]

Today the x-c running team will be traveling to Augusta for the MAISAD championships! Wish the runners good luck and a fast race.

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Have a great week!

Alice H.

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