Oh where, oh where has my Spanish teacher gone?

October 29, 2013

OVERHEARD DURING THE PROCTOR ACADEMY POLAR SWIM, AT 6:15 THIS MORNING: “You mean at Gould they do polar swims twice a week in the spring? Without a sauna nearby? That’s CRAZY!”

As a teacher of many centuries at Gould Academy, I have come to love so many things about our school: My small classes, ski patrol, my wife, the indoor pool, the all-you-can-eat cheesecake buffet…you get the idea. There are so many things that keep me excited in my many roles at Gould. So this week I did the natural thing.

I left.

Now, before you Gloglanders jump up and down, singing “YAY, NEW SPANISH TEACHER!!!”, let me explain. OK, so this is a blog and not a novel. So let me sum up. I haven’t left for good. Like Ahhhnold Schhqewiuoiieggar said in Terminator, “I’ll be back.”

I am away from Gould participating in a school accreditation visit at Proctor Academy in Andover, New Hampshire (famous among Gould students as being the school “at the end of THAT bus ride”. Seriously, this school is so far from Gould that they call us an “up north” school (as if we weren’t an “up north” school for practically everyone in the US).

Look, here’s proof:

See? Proctor.

See? Proctor.









For those of you who have never made the 35 hour athletic bus ride to this corner of the western US (Ok, its in New Hampshire but honestly, who KNEW this state was so big?), there is not much between our campuses except for the Tilton Diner (a MUST stop when driving down I-93). And then you arrive here.

Proctor is an interesting school which is in a lot of ways similar to Gould (both end in “Academy”! Did you know that?). In other ways it is quite different (they have no ties. But they DO have Saturday classes. Every Saturday). My job here is to read their yearlong self-study, absorb it, consider important points, interview everyone in creation to verify it, and write a summary of my observations and make recommendations along with my visiting committee.

In 3 days.

So needless to say, my brain has been overloaded with caffeine and Proctor-ites over the past three days.

Yeah, that’s it. That’s all I have to say. Now I have to write my reports.

I promise more entertaining thoughts next week. Provided my ride back to Bethel takes LESS than a week.  We’ll see.


Oh yeah, and tell Mr. Siekman- I did a polar bear swim here. A double dip. And they have a sauna next to their lake.



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  1. Jay Riley Jay Riley says:

    Jerry told me he and Shannon are putting a port-o-sauna in the back of the bus this spring, converted from a (used) you-know-what.

  2. Avatar Wendy Penley says:

    A polar bear dip in the fall? When the water is the warmest?

  3. Avatar Alan McIntyre says:

    Doug – Your visit to Proctor was inspirational! Thanks for all the excellent observations and feedback. You have inspired us to build a fan for our sauna (students in engineering class will be designing/making it). Love to know more about your school’s Polar swim tradition…. Check out our latest efforts via #proctoracademy on twitter. https://proctor.wistia.com/medias/yhimt27kpf

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