Ode to Strava

May 4, 2012

Hello again,

If there’s anything that this last week has taught me, it’s that Strava (a free cycling app in which you can compete with other cyclists for achievements on certain segments of road) has become my life. Since Strava is basically just a competition, this is further evidence that life is basically just a competition, but I digress.

Strava is a lot of fun, especially within the Gould community. It makes me realize how slow I actually am compared to just about everyone else, which is humbling after being part of an absolutely AMAZING team that has been completely cleaning up at races so far (especially my girls A’s, we rock). Luckily, the majority of people around Bethel who use Strava are men, and so the “QOM” or “Queen of the Mountain” title is frequently mine, simply from the lack of any other women to compete with. So I get the thrill of seeing a cute little crown next to my name, while the segment details remind me that I’m still 8th out of 9, or something similar.

Anyway, since our most recent race was canceled for reasons so confusing I can’t even try to understand (let’s just say that cycling now rivals soap operas for drama) the team took a quick trip to nearby North Conway, NH for a little Strava segment-hunting. Our ride started at Storyland, which is always awesome, and included a terrifyingly steep climb up Cathedral Ledge. Strava told me it had an average grade of about 10%, which would explain why I felt like I was about to tip over backwards more than once. Here’s a picture of the A group (along with a few of the B’s) at the top of the ledge. We ran into some rock climbers as we were taking the picture.

I’m heading into this weekend with my jaw constantly dropped in disbelief over the fact that I only have 3 weeks left as a high school student. What? When did this happen? I’m excited, I’m scared, I’m confused, but right now I’m just completely disbelieving. After a year of counting down the days, it seems impossible that graduation is actually so close at hand. Maybe reality will finally set in when I’m marching across the upper fields to the tent.

I’m also praying that we finally get some sun and warm weather — I don’t want my last 3 weeks of high school to be spent in rain boots, carrying around an umbrella.

Everyone have fun this weekend!




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  1. Mr Hayward Mr Hayward says:

    Nice write up Abby, I too and hooked on Strava.

    You should follow Tracyn Thayer on strava if you are not already. She is a Bethel local female athlete that I am friends with and will be racing with in a 4 day adventure race in June. I’m sure you’ve seen her name on some segments. I’ll tell her to watch out for you as well. Have fun competing. Finish the Gould Academy race to graduation strong, the finish line is close.

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