Odds and Ends (and typing with one hand)

February 2, 2016

OVERHEARD IN THE LIBRARY (for the 1,263,874th time): Hey Mr. Alford, can we do “High School Musical” this spring?

Sigh. Maybe, Tarin. Maybe.

There’s a lot going on at The Academy right now. And by “a lot”, I mean “awholegreatbigwickedbunchofstuff a lot”. For example, this is officially speed week-a week when our alpine racers spend their time on the trails going crazy-fast with permission. I heard that Ryan Clermont (Spanish class nickname: Padre) skied down T2 & Monday Mourning so fast, he reached the bottom 8 seconds before he started.

Also, it’s blended week-a week when Hermione’s Time Turner would be more than helpful-especially for students who want to attend classes AND attend the extra activities available to them. Cool activities! For example, the History department is taking a field trip back in time, to witness the inception of the Spanish inquisition. And the Spanish department will go along to translate for them! There will also be a science department trip to the magnetic north pole, to test out some new magnets, and the math department is going with them, because math teachers never get to takr cool field trips. Fun!

Also also, there are a group of teachers taking to the woods to sharpen their winter camping skills before the Junior Point extravaganza in March. The teachers leave on Wednesday, and, if all goes well, all of them will return on Friday. If not, well, we really liked you Mr. Liff. Can I have your classroom?

And me? You ask, “Jefe, what are YOU up to this busy week?
Well, i’m up to this:



(spirit of full disclosure: this is not my actual arm. Mine does, however, kind of look like this)

I know, you can’t really see it, but it’s really there. I have a broken radius (not the math-y kind) and a cool red cast to go with it. THIS:

Signed, sealed,  delivered

Signed, sealed, delivered


So what I’M up to, is typing. These 300-odd words took me almost an hour to type. Other things tat take a whikle (I left this part as I originally typed it so you cansee why ititakesl so long…grrr..):

  • Tying my shoes
  • Taking the top off of my espresso pot
  • opening any door while holding coffee
  • any meal at the dining hall

Next week I’m just going to take pictures. Speed-blended pictures.


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