Now THIS is the way to begin a school year!!!

September 24, 2013

OVERHEARD IN SPANISH CLASS: (Teacher)- “In English, we make the “R” sound with our lips. In Spanish, we make the “R” sound with our…” (Student)- “Hips?”

Welcome back, oh my little Gloggees!  It’s the beginning of another year of GLOG-mania! After much debate and consideration about how we should start this year (Glog-master-Flash Tucker K basically told me  to write the first entry), here I am starting it all off!

If you are new to Glogland, allow me to introduce myself: I am the famous (or infamous, depending on how far you got in Spanish) teacher of Spanish, drama, and ski patrol here at Gould Academy.  My job is simple: I’m here to make your tea in the morning. No wait, that;’s my job at HOME.  Here in ditigal-land, I am the Tuesday Glogger. One of many (seven) writers on this Gould Academy blog, and one of few (one) current faculty writers. For you visual people, I have included a photo of me (as I look in the morning, before my daily dose of espresso kicks in).  Here it is:

My morning face

My morning face

Here I am after my pot of coffee:



But enough about me, let’s talk about school!
And me.

This past weekend, being the first weekend of the school year (not including the first, closed weekend, or the weekend of orientation trips, of the weekend between faculty meetings), I had the opportunity to travel with Gould’s fall Outing Club.  This group of intrepid students spends every weekday engaged in the act of going outside. When they get there, they play.  Seriously. During my weekend with them, I watched them (and even got to participate with them) as they hiked, swam, climbed high ropes course elements, and whitewater rafted on one of Maine’s premier rivers. Honestly, I probably shouldn’t even be writing this, since now that everyone knows about it, they will probably have too many kids sign up next year and have to cut some (not literally, as my education classes in college taught me that that would be abusive).

Anyways, the trip was fantastic, I had some wonderful conversations about good books, great food, and the fact that I ‘m not the only one who tweaks out a little bit when people say eXpresso.  I’ll leave you with a cool photo taken last Friday, just to tease those of you who were inside a building  at the time the photo was taken.  I was on top of a mountain.  In the sun.  With cool kids.

Life is indeed good. see you next week!

Mt. Blue, Weld, Maine. 11:30 am, Friday, Sept 20. We win.

A pretty good day at the Academy.  Mt. Blue State Park, Weld, ME


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    I have seen you with both of those faces… those pictures are totally right on!

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