Notes on some special chairs…

April 19, 2008

Some might misunderstand an Adirondack Chair to be a simple piece of wooden furniture. To do so would be to under-estimate the significance of this important form. At Gould, the Adirondack chairs are part of a way of being, of gathering, of enjoying the moment. Ours are simple versions in muted tones, some emblazoned with the “GA”, but all are frequently used at this time of year.

• They are prized seats on these beautiful days.
• Adirondack chairs host flirting and romantic musings.
• They have been the location for more than one conversation about personal goals and important decisions, both bad and good.
• Sometimes one of the chairs creak under the weight of too many occupants, but they seem to hold up to the joy of the occupants.
• Our Gould chairs are very mobile. As the sun moves so do they, finding the warmest spots through the day.
• There is even an Adirondack chair spa up on Mason Street. The chairs migrate here in the colder months, sometimes getting a facelift or a new joint or arm.
• When the snow retreats, the Adirondack chairs are back like geese.
• Sometimes one will sit off on its own, offering the chance for a reflective moment. But most of the time, they are more social, found clustered in groups of two or three, or even six or eight when they have been really busy.
• Our chairs are blessed with great views, warm company and great sunsets.

There are times that I wish that our chairs could talk. Some of them have heard decades of chatter, gossip, romance and perhaps a few pranks and devious plans hatched. They probably know more about what is going on in school than even Mrs. Manning. But they protect their occupants, holding the secrets close.

I hope that you get the chance to enjoy a few minutes in one of our special Adirondack chairs soon.

Have a good weekend,



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