Notes from Meeting Number 1

December 9, 2014

Hello Everyone!

Just wanted to give a quick update about the meeting we had with the ninth graders after formal dinner this evening.

Once we all arrived, looking smashing in our formal wear, Chris Hayward had all the students do a little exercise to get us ready to to think about our trip to expand our horizons. We folded our arms and then folded them the other way and quickly learned about our natural tendencies and, in trying to break out of our habits, saw how even a little change can open us up to new feeling.  Four point plays an integral role throughout a Gould student’s career in helping them to have moments where we ask the students to “fold their arms the other way.”

We then spoke more specifically about how this trip is both is both an opportunity to expand our view of the world and focus on tying the world to the work we do in the classroom.

We talked specifically about the structure of each of the trips and went through some of the specific details that students will need to worry about in the next few weeks.

Sara Shifrin talk about an opportunity to help our friends at the Tumaini Junior School in Tanzania. The students will bring supplies to the students of Tumaini as they travel. Stay tuned about what we will be collecting to bring this spring!

Please remember to get the permission forms and immunization forms in to Chris Hayward!

Link to the presentation that we went over with the students. (Visit Here!)


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