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February 6, 2013

OVERHEARD IN ASSEMBLY: “Anyone interested in splitting and stacking wood is CORD-ially invited to help this weekend.”  (Ba-DUM-bump!)

It’s February (the month when fellow Glogger Alec “sometimes” has a birthday).  Its cold.  I’m grumpy.

Why am I grumpy?  Its simple:  I’m grumpy because

A: I’m sick, and

2: I’m not what you might call a “good” sick person.

I hate being sick.  Some people are good at this- they forge on, quietly either taking care of themselves (or not), but pretty much dealing with it.  That’s not me.  SPIRIT OF FULL DISCLOSURE: I am a miserable sickie.  When I’m down with a cold (which I have now) or the flu (nope, knock on wood), I essentially “live in the moment.” Sick, sick, sick.

Have I mentioned that I don’t feel well?

Its one of those things that happens occasionally when you live in close contact with 300 people. So I’m embracing the yuckiness today.

Ahhhh, that felt good to get out.  Now, I’ll spend the rest of my Glog-dollars (just made that up) telling all of you lucky enough NOT to be sick what makes me feel better when I don’t, well…feel better.  In no particular order, here are my top ten “things that help me get over my poor, miserable, pathetic…” sorry, I got carried away:

  1. Popcorn.  I don’t know what it is, but hot, salty popcorn always satisfies when I’m hacking up a lung or two.
  2. Flannel sheets. I like to sleep cold in the winter, but when I feel like this, only my fuzzy, red, plaid cocoon will do.
  3. Brandi Carlile‘s “Bear Creek” album.  Seriously, if you haven’t heard this gem, go buy it today. Guaranteed to bring a smile to everyone including my sick-and-sorry-for-myself-self.
  4. Chaia’s “Happy Dance.”  My daughter is a bit of an emotional extremist.  When she does her happy dance, you KNOW there are happy vibes in the air.  Just ask her to do it when you see her.  you’ll know what I mean.
  5. Sauna.  This is a bit of a cop-out, as saunas ALWAYS make me feel better whether I’m sick or not. Hot, hot, hot!
  6. Cheesecake.  Another cop out- I’m just hoping my wife reads this and makes me a cheesecake.  Which leads to…
  7. Sympathy. I’m not afraid to admit it. I crave it. I get a warm fuzzy every time someone asks me how I’m feeling.  Go ahead, leave a few comments below…ahhhhh….
  8. Disney’s “Fantasia(Of COURSE the original!).  Better than Melatonin or Benadryl, nothing induces a nap better. I still own a VCR in large part so I can play this tape.  Maybe it’s time to get an HD version?
  9. Decisions made for me. Again, an admission: When I have a cold, my decision-making skills go bye-bye. Please don’t ask me what I need, just make me popcorn and cheesecake and prop me up in front of “Fantasia.”  Again.
  10. When all else fails, I watch the following video, courtesy of “The Big Bang Theory.”  If THIS song doesn’t make you feel better, what will?

Until next week.  Feel better, Jefe.


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  1. Avatar Sam Weafer says:

    Sam spotted a grammar error.

    You wrote “Its” instead of “It’s” where you wrote:

    “Its (which should be “it’s”) one of those things…”

    Written by Ben for Sam, who spotted it. Not my idea…

  2. Avatar Sam Weafer says:

    I spotted yet another grammar mistake: “you’ll know what I mean.” The “you’ll” should be capitalized. Really?

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