not feeling so hot…

October 26, 2009

So, I’m writing this blog as I sit in my bed at home, recovering from the flu or the SWINE or something… well, I did have it earlier in the week, but I’m almost 100% better and will be back at school later today.

SO many people had suspected cases at school this week! But I guess that doesn’t top Bates’ number of over a hundred cases? I saw in Sun Journal on Wednesday that Bates had over 160 reported cases of the virus. Brutal.

This week should be easier for all of us though, because classes will start an hour later than usual, and they’ll be shorter. It’s GA’s way of reducing “stress” in our lives, and preventing everyone from getting the flu. We also have been sanitizing every surface in our dorm rooms, and have been washing our hands until they’re chapped.

So, I’ll write a longer better Glog entry next Monday when I’m feeling better. Have a healthy week!


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