Not Always Sunny In the Valley

March 24, 2013

After heading to North Star-at-Tahoe and Pennsylvania for two of the stops offered by USSA under the banner of Rev Tour, the snowboard team headed to Sun Valley Idaho, for the last Rev Tour event of the series. The team consisted of PJ Steber ’13, Peter Hoops ’13 and Bo Warren ’15. PJ was our BX racer and Bo and Hoops our slopestyle riders.

The Rev Tour is designed as a bridge event for riders and skiers, aimed at the under 21 year old as a gateway to US Junior and Development Teams, it also prepares riders for Nor-Am events and onto World Cup. Rider must be 13 and older for Slopestyle and Halfpipe, and 15 and older for SBX. These events are also FIS events.
So after meeting PJ and Hoops in Denver, we all boarded (barely…!) a flight to Salt Lake City, where we began our four and a half drive North to Sun Valley. Only after the screams of “waahhhh, In and Out Burger….In and Out Burger… we HAVE to stop…!” were answered and we fueled our body with “Animal” style treats. Our only other stop was at one of the quirkiest gas stations I’ve ever stopped at, and I’ve stopped at many weird gas stations. This one had Alpacas, rattle Snakes, baby rattlers and a Jackalope you could pet…! Ask Bo about the Jackalope.
After arriving and settling into the Clarion adjoining rooms, the boys went for a stroll, and found Wiseguys, a famous Ketchum pizza joint. Yum, yum.

Day one on the hill was BX training, which was quite a wind event with gusts up to 55mph, but PJ found some good flow through the narrow technical course.

BX Course on ridge line

Day two was race day for PJ and with a lot less wind the course was in great shape for some fast challenging racing. After 3 practice runs it was straight into time-trials. All racers get two time-trials to determine the seeding for the heats, at this event the top 32 riders go through to 4 man races. PJ qualified in 26th. Putting him in a heat against Gould Alum Cole Schreiber. After a poor pull-start from PJ, he raced his best run of the day, but was unable to catch the pack. PJ ended up placed 30th.

Next day was training day for the slopestyle, and with the weather co-operating, Hoops and Bo both stepped up their game and really looked impressive. Hoops was fixing a floaty backside 360, and stomping Rodeo 5’s over the 70 footer. Bo was making sure his backside 7’s and frontside 10’s were clean, and giving some backside double 10’s a real good go, and getting really close to landing them.

Floaty backside 3’s from Hoops

Weds was a rest day, and after a lazy morning, we headed to the Hot Springs, located just out of town.

Frenchmans Hot Springs

Thursday, another training day. Not as good as the first, due to 25mph winds on a super exposed course. Both Hoops and Bo did well, but the flow was just not there for either of the boys. That evening we met up with some old Gould friends, the Raffords, Gabby was Director of the Winter Term Program for a couple of years, and then moved out with the family Kyle, Toby and Addy to Ketchum 5 years ago. We got a nice homestyle meal before comp day.

Great to see Kyle and Gabby

Friday, competition day, the weather was not perfect with a little wind and the sun making some occasional appearances. Both Bo and Peter were in second heat with gave us time to check-out of hotel, have a brunch breakfast and still get to the hill with time to watch some of the first heat.

Boys watching first heat

Then they’re up, 3 practice runs, and go time.
Bo’s first run, Backside 3 into frontside 10, landed. Hoops first run backside 3, sketch. Bo’s second run, backside 7 to front 10, stomped, putting him into the finals. Hoops second run, the biggest back 3 of the day, that he just could hold onto.
Finals, wind again for practice with a little sun for runs. Qualifying in 6th out of 12, Bo got to see a couple of other riders go, with little success. So after falling on his second jump, Bo was still in 6th position after first runs. After a little talk about strategy, it was decided to go for it. Back 7, to front 10, just like his qualifier. STOMP.
Bo warren takes 3rd.

Bo Warren’s first Rev Tour podium.

Thank you very much and good night…….


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