Not A Moment Wasted In Tanzania

March 27, 2014

The latest communique from Mr. Ruby coming in last night at 11:30 p.m.:


Here are some action shots of Gould students facilitating during the library design process.


Design Thinking 1

photo 3

photo 3

photo 10

photo 3


I was struck by their ability to reframe questions and engage each student. Born teachers!


photo 11

photo 13

photo 14

This morning we pick up our Gould and Tumaini students from their home stays and head out to Lake Ayasi.

Tomorrow: hunting with the Hazda in the morning then hopping on our flight home in the afternoon.

Not a moment wasted.


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  1. Avatar miasnowpls says:

    Amzingness! It’s great to see everyone working together, can’t wait until you guys get back to Bethel!

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