Nordic NEPSACs

February 28, 2016

The term ended on Friday. You may have noticed that we were all ready for the winter classes to wrap up and to move into Four Point and March Break. I am currently sitting in Logan Airport, getting ready to get on a plane to Beijing for spring break and to get ready for the ninth grade Four Point trip to China.

But yesterday, I went to Portland via Gunstock, the very long way. I didn’t just get lost. (I may get lost on a semi-regular basis… but I don’t generally mess up by 3 hours in a 1.5-hour drive.)  I went to watch the Nordic ski team compete in the New England Prep School Athletic Conference (NEPSAC) championships. As a former racer in the championships, it was fun to get to be a spectator. I also got to see my four-year advisee and fellow glogger, Andrew Seigel, race in his final high school race.

Boys in Stadium square

Caleb, Andrew, and Marcus in the lead pack of the individual race. Race, boys, race.

Emily Square

Emily in the skates through the stadium at the beginning of her final lap. Glide, Emily, glide.

Izzy Uphill square

Izzy books it up the hill about half way through her race. She crushed the competition in the B race and won by a large margin. Go up that hill, Izzy, go up that hill.

Sam Double Pole Square

Sam double poles out of the stadium in the afternoon relay.  Crush it, Sam, crush it.

Leela Square

Leela takes off on the anchor leg of the relay. Go, Leela, go!

Andrew Beast Mode Square

Andrew takes off with a huge lead from Marcus and Caleb in the last leg of the boys’ relay. Power, Andrew, power.

Boys after Relay Squarish

The NEPSAC champions in the relay, by more than a minute. The boys’ team was also the NEPSAC Team Champions and the girls came in 4th.  Revel, boys, revel.

leela marcus square

It wasn’t all serious. Leela and Marcus take a moment to have fun. Balance, Marcus and Leela, balance.

Parents and group square

Parents take a final team picture. Well done, Gould Nordic, well done!


Next week, I’ll be writing to you from Asia! Hope everyone has a great week!



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  1. Avatar Nancy says:

    How nice that you went to the NEPSAC championships and shared some photos and results with us:) Have a good trip to China – look forward to hearing from you there.

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