November 18, 2010

So at the beginning of the month of November, Head Proctor Taylor Peck-Moad challenged the beard growers of Gould Academy to grow beards.

And so it began, right now it’s just for a bit of fun, but we’re looking into some fund raising options.

So below are the beards so far, these pics were actually taken last week on November 10th so progress was good.

Please feel free to rank the beards so far. Also suggestions for fund raising, and/or shapes for beards would be appreciated.

Apologies for the lay out of this post, as loading this many photos was a little bit of, shall we say, a challenge….!!

Have a great Thanksgiving from

Chris and Helen

Taylor Peck-Moad

Tucker Kimball

Jeb Clarke '13

Jesse Tutor ’11

Ryan Snee

Chris Davies AKA me

Alec Newel

3 Responses

  1. Greg Gilman Greg Gilman says:

    At the end of the month challenge every participant to do a little “manscaping” and creatively whittle their beards to a moustache.

    Then open the competition to voting at $5 a vote. Vote as many times as you want. We could make a contribution to LIVESTRONG in conjunction with Movember in the name of the winner and Gould Academy.

    …or something like that.

  2. Avatar Chris says:

    I like that Greg, I’m prepared for someone else to do my “manscaping”… For a massive fee obviously.
    Charlie Newell also suggested eating blueberry pies…
    Keep the suggestions coming..

  3. Greg Greg says:

    I like the idea of letting others do the trimming. And you have to live with the results for the day (or week). Maybe a raffle for each willing competitor. No losers that way too!

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