No Shave November Continues…

November 11, 2009

I would like to take a moment to for all of you facial hair growers and congratulate you on making it through the first ten days or so of no shave November. Not shaving is a reflection of ones manhood. Therefore, November, by declaration, is Man Month. Now all you ladies who feel left out by not being able to grow facial hair, I’m sorry, but we’ll find something else next month that’s more inclusive. I haven’t quite figured out what this event is, it may not be next month, but one month out of this year. I’m thinking Man and Woman month, the celebration of the sexes. Men can do men things, and women can do women things. Or not at all. Anyways, we have time, I’ not worried, but if you have any ideas get back to me! Keep it growing and stay classy GA!


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