No Shave November!

November 7, 2012



So this week it’s crunch time! This is the last full week of classes, and exams are in the near future. Just like every other exam week, my food drawer is STOCKED. I have popcorn, white cheddar cheetos, oreos and ramen. I’m pretty much set.

Being a senior I actually only have one exam, but that means five projects…

So everyone start prepping, and stock up on study foods, because exams are just around the corner!


Now on a complete different note I wanted to talk no shave November!

I think this idea is absolutely awesome and hilarious. You see the younger boys reeeeally trying their best to see what they can come up with after a month, and then you have people like wannabe facial hair pro James Rambone who is proudly growing out his ginger goatee. James has been kind enough for me to document his process over the next couple everyone stay tuned to see his progress!


Until next time!




This week Buddha says, “Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.”


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  1. Avatar Judy says:

    Looking forward to hearing how James is doing!! I will sent you a “Care Package”

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