No Shave November ……….

November 5, 2009

So as Eddie wrote the other day, No Shave November is upon us…
So here’s a quick quiz.
Name all the faculty beards below from 2 years ago??
Remember these are not from this school year.I’m not sure you’ll get them all this time.
And just as a blatant plug, has everyone visited out Gould Academy Competition Program facebook page. It’s kinda the On-snow competition teams version of the Glog. Check it out and keep up to date with the skiers and riders at Gould.

All the Best
The Davies’
Waiting for you answers in the comments.
Winner gets a big hug from me….!


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  1. Avatar Cat Harnden says:

    beard guesses:1.) Alford2.) Fisher3.) Hedden4.) Sheidegger

  2. Avatar Anonymous says:

    Alford Hedden Davies Fisher

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