No School is Better Than Its Faculty

June 12, 2013

I’d like to take a moment to thank our faculty for an excellent year.

Faculty at a boarding school work and live with their students, sharing the highs and lows and helping each to become his or her best self. I am honored to work with the incredible faculty at Gould.

Below are a few reflections I shared with the faculty today at our end of year meetings about their role and impact.

  • Education is a human, organic endeavor. No school is better than its faculty.
  • Gould’s future is human powered. People  believe in our mission and our ability to accomplish it because of what you do.
  • You unleash the curiosity and creativity of students by trusting them, challenging them, and modeling a good life. They watch you. They want to be like you.
  • Your discipline/area is a gateway to intellectual competence and confidence. Your expertise, public thinking, and collaboration model productive working and living.
  • You put on your boots and wade into the murky waters of adolescence to find the personhood that resides in each student. You take them seriously.
There is no substitute.

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