Ninth Grade Four Point 2017!

November 3, 2016

Dear Ninth Grade Parents,

In March our ninth graders will be traveling across the globe once again to China, Tanzania, and Ecuador!

Preparations are in full swing to ensure an outstanding journey and an absolute highlight of your son or daughter’s Gould experience. This is the first of many communications leading up to and through the Ninth Grade Four Point program.

As the Director of Experiential Learning I will be facilitating the Ninth Grade Four Point trips and I am writing to you today to share important information and dates. Please read carefully and be sure to contact me if you have any questions. We rely heavily on your partnership to help execute a tremendous and safe opportunity for your child and his/her class. Your cooperation is imperative and most appreciated. I have included a preliminary check list for your convenience.


The Ninth Grade Four Point Blog is the primary venue for information and communication regarding this program.  Prior to the trip, emails from the group leaders will be sent containing information specific to that destination.  The blog has been updated with contents of this letter.


On November 16th, you will receive an email from your child’s trip leaders with specific information about the particular trip your son or daughter is assigned to.

Travel Dates:

We expect departure for Ecuador to be from Boston on February 25, Tanzania from Boston on March 13, and China to be from Boston on March 16.  Return dates will be March 9th for the Ecuador trip, March 26th for the Tanzania trip, and March 28th for the China trip.


A copy of your student’s passport should be forwarded to me as soon as possible. Their actual passports MUST be delivered to me upon the student’s return from the December break.  Please note that the passport expiration date must be later than October 1, 2017.


Visas are required along with passports for these trips for most students.  Visa photographs and paperwork will be taken care of on campus but we will need your help in collecting necessary documentation to complete the VISA process. More details will be coming about the visa process soon.


Travelers to Ecuador, Tanzania and China are required to have Hepatitis A and Typhoid, in addition to being up to date with routine Gould immunization requirements.  If you have not done this already, please use Thanksgiving or Winter Term break to acquire these immunizations while home and send documentation to the Gould Health Center. More trip specific information regarding medical requirements will be coming soon as well. Please secure an appointment with your doctor to discuss travel immunizations. We will announce where each student is going on November 16th so that you and your doctor have the destination information available.

The Ninth Grade Four Point is truly a trip of a lifetime that connects much of the work they are doing here in the classroom through a “real world” experience.  It’s a privilege to offer such a memorable and transformative experience.

Again, please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have at, or call 207-824-7786.

Chris Hayward
Director of Experiential Learning

Here are a few pictures from each destination.

Tanzania: a tribal ceremony song and dance.

Tanzania: a tribal ceremony song and dance.

The Great Wall in China.

The Great Wall in China.

Along the ridge of an old volcano in Ecuador.

Along the ridge of an old volcano in Ecuador.


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