Nine Days Winter Camping in the Mountains!

February 28, 2019

What is Junior Four Point?

Every year in March, Gould Eleventh Graders venture into the White Mountain National Forest for the winter camping excursion known as Junior Four Point. Leading up to the big day, lots of students are filled with anxiety about the trip. By design, there are a lot of unknowns. Who will be in their group? Who will their trip leaders be? Where will they go? How cold will it get?

Winter Camping Update:

All of the winter camping groups made it back to campus safely. We’re still in the process of gathering stories and photos, so there will be more to come from this story soon.

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As former Dean of Community Life Pete Hedden used to say, students come out of the woods “ten feet tall and bulletproof,” and this year was no exception. Once you’ve spent eight nights in the White Mountain National Forrest and Mahoosuc Mountains during the winter, there’s no challenge you can’t take on!

Get an inside look at the trip leader & student photos on SmugMug!


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