Night Slalom Race at Titcomb Mountain

February 19, 2021

night alpine skiers

Night Slalom Race

Yesterday, the alpine U16s and U19s competed at the Wes Marco Titcomb night slalom race. Titcomb is a small mountain in Farmington, Maine. The surface conditions were sugary but held up better than we expected. Teams in attendance were Gould, CVA, Kents Hills, Shawnee, St. Josephs, the University of Maine at Farmington, and Colby College.

The resort is operated mainly by volunteers, and they work hard to create a fun and excellent race environment. Titcomb is also home to the UMF ski team.

Women’s Alpine Highlights:

  • 1st Place: Althea Noyes – CVA
  • 2nd Place: Phoebe Garfield ’22
  • 3rd Place: Emma Lenoel Quang ’24

Phoebe finished 2nd overall and took 1st in her age group. Emma took 2nd accolades for U16s.

Peyton Hadfield ’22 came in 4th overall (2nd U19). Hadfield stepped up her skiing yesterday. She really understands that this sport (and this year in particular) is about focusing on the process and not necessarily the results. She’s starting to progress in the right direction, and she should be proud of that.

Kayla Hosmer ’22 skied very well on her 2nd run, improving from 8th place on her first run to 5th place overall (3rd place 2nd run). Cassie Pyle ’21 and Riley Jerome ’23 also skied aggressively 2nd run. Cassie, Lily Winch ’23, and Riley rounded out the top 10 coming in 6th, 9th, and 10th, respectively.

Sophie Simard ’25 had an excellent day. She stuck her nose in it and charged the top of the pitch. She cut her bib almost in half, starting 27th and finishing 14th.

Men’s Alpine Highlights:

1st Place: Hayden Van Alstine, Colby
2nd Place: Kyle Rivard ’21
3rd Place: Bobby Turner ’22
Both Kyle and Bobby skied well yesterday, taking 1st and 2nd place in the U19 age group. Bobby had a more aggressive run 2nd run.
Ethan Bouchard ’23 took the first U16 spot, coming in 6th overall
Alex Baribeau ’21 took 16th, Gaven Schain ’23 18th, and Tommy Lowell ’23 20th, respectively.


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