Ni Hao! We are China Bound!

November 26, 2013

你好! Ni Hao!

欢迎你们跟高德学院经验中国! Welcome to the opportunity to experience China with Gould Academy!

I am pleased and excited to announce that you are traveling to China for the Four Point program. Mr. Penley, Mr. Whittington, Ms. Barstow, Ms. Tornrose, Ms. Oliver, Ms. Drew, Mr. Riley, and Ms. Stack are your teacher-leaders, and we are in for a once in a life-time amazing experience.

Please review the  trip documents sent in an email to begin the process of getting ready. Below is a copy of the PDF file sent in an email to the families of all 9th grade students headed to China this year. I am happy to answer questions you may have, and we will all meet as a group over Parent Winter Weekend for more questions and details.

Please bookmark this site for future trip updates and a daily travelogue while we are in China.

Colin Penley

(Only 106 days until we leave for The Middle Kingdom!)

China Four Point Welcome 2013-2014


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  1. Avatar Rosa Vaño says:

    Dear Mr.Penley
    I’m Alicia García mom i just wanted to know wich are the days that they will be traveling to China, and if she would have to take a plane directly from Spain or came back to Gould and traveling with the grup from there
    I am trying to organize kids March break hoy days and tickets to Spain
    Looking much forward to hear from you have my warm regards

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