next week jefe, next week.

November 12, 2011

So. Jefe gave me a great idea for what to do with this glog post, but I didn’t get the time to do it.

I think next week will be perfect to do that post though so, stay tuned.

This week however, I’ll talk about something that caught my attention today.

I gave a tour today (first tour ever), and at the very end of the tour one of the parents asked me what my favorite part about Gould was. “It doesn’t have to be overall, just right now” she said. So I thought for a second and came up with the best answer possible. I love that Gould makes it possible for me to ski in a competitive manner and still have the academics I need. It’s true, right now that’s my favorite part about Gould. Ski season is just beginning and already there’s conflict with academics and my sport.
There are so many kids at Gould that participate in an on-snow program. Many of them get the same opportunities I get.  I guess what I’m getting at is that I really do wanna know what other people think.

So students, parents, faculty, alum, other Glog readers, what’s your favorite part of Gould? What makes it special for you?

Let me know, see you next week with an awesome post,



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  1. Avatar Lisa says:

    One of my favorite parts of Gould, and there are many, was the formal dinners. Watching my son struggle, at first, to learn to tie his tie. Seeing all of the students dressed up walking into the dining hall. It is a great experience, teaching manners, social skills and gaining confidence in meeting new people.

  2. Avatar margaret says:

    One of my favorite parts of Gould is going to a meal or a soccer game or Parent’s Weekend and the sense of community.

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