Newest Gehring Resident

December 15, 2009
After a long wait, Osie Katherine Hedden has joined us! Despite being about a week “late” she was born a little peanut, weighing 6# 4oz. She’s been adjusting to her new world very well. There’s little variation in her current routine of sleeping soundly and eating vigorously. I doubt she’ll be a little peanut for long!

“Osie” is a name that has been on my mother’s side of the family since the late 1700s. As far as I can tell, it hadn’t skipped a generation until relatively recently.

When I was growing up my favorite “old person” was Osie LaBaw. Osie, as a child, had lived with my grandmother and her family, and as adults the cousins were still very close. After my grandmother passed away (I was 10 months old) Osie filled her role. I remember her as a woman who opened her door for the neighborhood cat, raised rabbits as a kid, loved owls (her initials were O.W.L.) volunteered with the ambulance service, and always made time for me. Cousin Osie was single for most of her adult life and never had children of her own, so the name would have stopped with her.

This Osie is welcomed by her own generation- brother Reiley and cousin Kate.

I was glad to see Annie had pictures from the Snowball. I wandered the halls of Gehring on Saturday night as the girls were getting ready to go. The dorm was absolutely buzzing!

We’re happily settling into our new family arrangement here, and are so appreciative of the generosity of the Gould community!

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  1. Avatar tkimball says:

    Very, very cute! Congratulations. Penelope is excited to have another little playmate.

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