New Year New Goals

January 13, 2016

Happy New Year.

First post of the new year and I got to make it something good. I just kept telling myself that last week as it was ten o’clock Wednesday night and I felt like nothing was going right. I looked at all the recent Glog post that were going up and Mr.Penley and Mr.Alford both had some amazing things to say about the New Year and how it was going to be better than 2015. Mr.Ruby’s assembly addressed how hard it is to keep the resolutions we make and how sroundding yourself with a positive support system will get you ten times further. Listing to everyone’s different perspective on the New Year made me realize that you can start a new set of goals at any point.

A person can decided to make a change in their live at any given point, you don’t need to wait till New Years or the start of the month to set a new goal. Goal setting can happen at the beginning of a sports season or a trimester. Teachers often ask us to create goals after we take a test or start a new unit, goals help us stay on track, accomplish new things, and make personal as well as group progress.

So, last week as I was struggling to write this Glog post, I realized that goals are something you can set and accomplish all year long. This year I challenge you to make a goal past New Years and stick with it. Accomplishments can be made at any point.



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