New Year is here…

January 3, 2016

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! It is hard to believe it is already 2016. Only 154 days until graduation… (not that seniors are counting or anything.) I hope everyone is ready to mess up the date for the next month or so. (1/3/20156…drat [luckily 5s become 6s really easily… next year will be much trickier 6 just doesn’t become 7 nicely].)

Now is the time for resolutions and thinking about the future. I did some of that… but it is boring. The usuals, that I most likely won’t follow through with. You can only aim to be better than perfect for so many years in a row .  (OK, so one resolution I will aim for, no more emoji in blog posts.)

However, I was also visited by the ghosts of school year’s past. I like to think back on the past as the new year starts and I am going to share a bit about a few of my old advisees… (and thinking about their ages makes me feel old too…)

But first a current advisee:

Masa square

This is Masa Yasumoto. Yesterday was Masa’s birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MASA!!! Masa is a senior and has been my advisee since he came to Gould in his sophomore year. He plays the violin very well and is an all around nice guy. Everybody wish Masa a happy belated birthday when you see him around campus. Viol, Masa, viol. (Viol is the verb for to play the violin, right? Right?)

Changmin square

This is Changmin “Charles” Seok (GA ’10). He was my first 4 year advisee. He spent 2 years in the Korean Army and is now finishing up university in Indiana. He used to be a speed skater and was one of the fastest guys on his soccer team at Gould. Study hard, Chuckie, study hard.

Billy H sqaure

Bill Huang (GA ’10) graduated from Indiana U with an MBA last spring. He is now working for a big company doing business-y stuff. He told me about it. It sounded interesting, but I didn’t totally follow what exactly he is doing. I think there is some accounting involved. Bill loves to watch basketball and football. His hair is much shorter now than it was in this picture from high school.  Account, Billy, account.

Yimin square

Yimin Xia (GA ’09) was the first advisee I ever had who graduated. (I didn’t have a lot of advisees who were kicked out… it was just near the beginning of my time at Gould.) She has graduated from college and is now working in Shanghai. At Gould, she played the piano and danced. Unfortunately, I don’t get to talk her as much as I would like. Keep in touch, Yimin, keep in touch.

Xiao Bai Square

Shuoyuan Bai (GA ’10) is the guy in the red shirt. He is here with Lincoln He (GA ’10), Zhenyu Luo (GA ’10) and Ryan Yu (GA’09) at his Senior Thesis show when he graduated from Pratt with a BFA in Jewelry. He is now at the Savannah School of Art and Design working on his MFA. He makes really beautiful jewelry. Jewel, Xiao Bai, jewel.

senior year square

Following the nostalgia of thinking about my old advisees, and being back at my parent’s home with our old photo albums, I went back to look for a picture of me. This is me during winter break of my senior year in high school.


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