New Trimester, New all-time low in Temperature! (last part not true)

December 3, 2007

Holy Shnikeys, it has been cold out lately! I’ve lived in Maine my entire life and its right about now that I start to think that I should have been a Floridian, I mean, its so cold you can feel the moisture in your skin freezing. But then I remember all the fun stuff the cold brings. People have been skiing for ages by now, and we’re even supposed to be getting snow all through today. I’d have to say my favorite cold past time is hockey though, its too bad that we don’t have a team, but rumor has it that a home made rink might be made? My Sophomore year, it rained one day and then went below freezing right after, making the upper field one huge sheet of pretty thick ice. Me and my friend Thacher “Black Thunder” Stone joked about strapping up the skates, but then when we actually did, it turned out to be amazing! Ever since then I have wanted to make a rink so I can skate whenever I want, and we could use it for Winter Carnival Broom ball too!

So we’ve had one week of winter classes, which means one week of hour long classes, and I don’t think any ones complaining about it. This period of time, the short two weeks or so between Thanksgiving and Christmas Break, is always a little hectic, as teachers are kind of rushing to fit in a section of the material before we’re all gone for X-mas. The new trimester has also brought a change in courses for me too. I sadly could not take Environmental Science since it switched into my Spanish dot, so I am now in Music Tech, which is amazing! We’re using garage band, and experimenting with all different things. I’m really enjoying it!

A change in sports comes with the new trimester as well, and now the basketball season is in full swing for me. With a “new” coach, Mr. Alec “BIG AL” Newell, really getting us going and starting strong, we’re looking pretty good for a one week of practice, plus a practice on Saturday, but Saturday practices don’t really do much at all, in fact there’s probably no point in us having any more, ha ha just kidding Mr. Newell…kind of. Anyways, our first game is on Wednesday against Kents Hill, but we also have a home game against Greater Portland Christian Academy, and we’re praying for a win! But we could really use some fan support too, so anyone and everyone should come down to the field house on Friday and cheer us on.

One of my favorite events at Gould is just around the corner, Snowball is coming up! I never thought I would be able to dance so long to swing music, but I eat it up, I love it. There’s already a murmur going around about what people are wearing, mainly on the female side. But it’s coming up and I can’t wait. Well that’s all from Marty here, but come back next week, and stay classy Planet Earth!


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