New Student Information: Time for Play

June 27, 2019
Mountain Day, one of Gould’s greatest traditions

You will soon learn that a huge part of life here at Gould is balance. You will all be hard at work in the classroom and on the athletic fields but finding time for play is equally as important. This week we wanted to highlight some activities and events that make Gould Life so much fun.

Bandit Camping with Mr. Riley on Mt. Will

Here are some #GouldLife highlights that I heard while walking around campus:

  1. Get up early for Earn Your Turns – Mr. Hayward
  2. Go shopping in Portland’s Old Port – Ms. Stack
  3. Jump in ice-cold water with the Polar Bear Club – Mr. Shifrin
  4. Participate in a Residential Rumble – Mr. Manning
  5. Dress up for Halloween – Mr. MacKnight
  6. Jump off the cliff at Frenchman’s Hole – Mr. Newell
  7. Babysit a faculty child – Ms. Libby
  8. See a moose! – Dr. Clarke
  9. Go to a Maine Mariners hockey game with Mr. Manning – Mrs. Manning
  10. Go Bandit Camping with Mr. Riley – Mr. Riley
Find your swimming hole
Earning your turns is always worth the hike

For other information on activities that you can participate in at Gould, check out the blog post about weekend activities.


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