New skill

February 3, 2009

I just started to learn a new skill. Last week I walked into the Nordic room in the basement of Holden dormitory. There I was greeted by some of our skiers. Their eyebrows raised as they asked, “Ms Wilkerson! What are YOU doing here?” (not a surprising greeting, considering I’d never set foot or even looked into the Nordic room). Surrounded by skis, poles, students, and waxing equipment, I informed them that I had been skate skiing a few times and I was totally hooked. I was wondering if Gould had any equipment I could borrow to get started. Before I knew it I was handed boots that fit and skis which Jeff informed me, were the skis he started on. I thought that was a good sign.

As I left I was struck by the kindness of our students. As a whole we have a group of open, welcoming, and helpful kids. Off I went (though not with the team because they were doing interval training) to hone my new-found skill on equipment that has taught many students.

On a different note, the winter parents’ weekend is fast approaching. For me, the best part of the weekend is the auction. Items are generously donated to help raise money for Gould’s 4 point programs. In case you haven’t heard, freshmen are going to China, sophomores are on campus learning about themselves and their classmates through community service and art, juniors are in the winter woods camping, and seniors are following their curiosity pursuing independent projects which take them to all parts of the world.

Keep an eye out for my favorite items this year. Eva Murray, mother of Gould student Eric Murray, took some of the wool from Gould’s sheep to her island home. There she worked with the wool to create 3 beautiful hats and a pair of wool-stuffed mittens. The fiber is from one of our ewes, Ginger, and our ram, Rudy. In the fall and the spring students who participate in the Farm and Forest program learn a bit about shearing, washing, carding, and felting and knitting with fiber from our animals. Those students can appreciate the care and time that goes into hand spun and knit items! I look forward to seeing the other items too!

Until next week, Gloggers!



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