New Opportunities

May 28, 2016

Hey, guys it has been a while since I last made a post. Sorry for the absence this spring has been really busy for me. With a competitive cycling season and many hours logged in the ceramics studio, I have been quite active. I am not here today to tell you about my spring though or share my sorrows in the year coming to an end. I just want to wish people the best of luck on their next endeavor. Whether it be going cross country to college next year or taking a GAP year to further explore your passion. I wish you the best. For the summer hikers packing their bags and the kids planning road trips, I wish you safe travels and sunny days. Whatever your next step is to embrace it and look forward to what you have to learn from the experience. Either it is you are eighteen and pursuing your driver’s license, surrounded by eager fifteen-year-olds. Or just barely sixteen and flying by yourself to Arizona in pursuit of your Wilderness First Responder certification. Whatever your passion and where ever life takes you next, I wish you the best of luck. For every adventure offers the opportunity to learn and help you grow as a person. Don’t be sad that one experience is ending, look forward to a new one.


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