New Mexico

March 31, 2013

We arrived yesterday in New Mexico.  We were hoping to find a ghost town along the way, but the web site that promised us ghost towns considered abandoned buildings in the middle of bustleing towns to be “ghost towns”.  It was a bit disappointing.

Arriving in Santa Fe we were greeted by some past Gould teachers.  Erica and Rudy Penczer, along with their children Nicholas, and Rebecca, had the whole gang over for Easter dinner.  Some homemade enchiladas, and green rice.  Followed by a rabbit shaped cake.  Very good.

Today we hiked at Tent Rock National Forrest.  We got in a really tight slot canyon, the tightest yet of the trip.  It was a lot of fun.

Then there were great views from the top.  Here is the group with the Penczers (minus Nicholas).

Then we went to the plaza where there were lots of shops, street vendors, and many, many galleries, along with the oldest home in America.

We are off tomorrow to head back to Boston, then bus our way to Bethel.  It has been a great trip!


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