A new kind of racing

April 7, 2016

I want to say thank you to Izzy Laymen ’16 for letting me get an exclusive interview with her. Skier cross is an emerging sport at Gould Academy. Take the style of boarder cross a sport for snowboarders with jumps and turns built into the course and do it on skis. To me that sounds like an impressive feat. Izzy has been a competitive ski racer for the past ten years and has decided to diverge into a new discipline. Izzy has gone from skiing FICS races against hundreds of girls to competing against less than ten people. A while back I was lucky enough to be able to ask Izzy a few questions about the sport and what she has learned.

1. How is technique in skier cross different from racing?
When you are racing you’re more aware of your space, since you are racing with three other people and crashing is bad for everyone. Staying forward in your boots will help you the most with technique, also hitting the jumps without getting to much air. Since you go faster and it’s easier to maintain your lead on the snow. Really the main key is to absorb as much of the terrain as possible and know the corse, so some events during the race can be expected.

2. How is a typical skier cross course set up?
Coming straight out of the gate is a set of rollers, heading into a medium and large jump. Next it leads you into three to four banked turns depending on the course. Another jump and more rollers follow to finish the end of the main course. Lastly a jump is set up right before you cross the finish line.

3. Is it challenging going from a sport so well know and participated in to something more unconventional?
I love skier cross because it is unpredictable, every course is so different and there is not the consistent left and right turn at every gate like there is in alpine racing.

4. Does it feel different competing against your teammates when they are right next to you rather than them going the run before or after you?

I have not had the opportunity to race against any of my teammates yet, as I am the only girl at Gould who is currently training skier cross. The largest race I have been at on the East coast had eight people racing in it. One of the best things about racing skier cross is that the field is so small, you get to create stronger relationships with the girls you race against.

Thanks again Izzy, and I hope this inspires more people to try racing skier cross next season.



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