New and the Not So New

January 31, 2013

Within the action sports world it has become imperative to get “the Edit” out as quick as possible, with new 2 min edits popping up every day, even twice a day….! Showing you what your hero snowboard pro, or any other ripper with a camera is up to. New has become so last week.

Every day I hear, “did you see the new RK1 edit…?” or “Stale just won the Willie Wonka Open in Lapland, with a quadruple under-flip to down flat down, 270 out. I was awesoooome…! Did you see the footage.?” And as a connoisseur of everything snowboarding I usually reply, “I did, but I think he bobbled the landing and McMorris should have won”

But is there too much…?  I will admit that all the footage is inspiring and contributing to the light-speed advancement of the sport, but I do miss the good ol’ days when you waited until November when all last seasons footage had been edited and packaged to video or DVD. You’d heard rumor of tricks, but wouldn’t believe it till you’d seen it on your Sony Trinitron flat-screen TV (and back then, it really was the just the screen that was flat, the back of the TV was the size of a small cow)

But on the other hand,  riders today can see the new tricks and the best in the business everyday, and copy and compare, and be inspired to push their own riding daily, and let everyone out there see what they can do on a snowboard.

Below are a hand full  of our edits, all conveniently put in one place. New and Not So New. I will also try and find older GACP videos and post them here. Enjoy








4 Responses

  1. Avatar Carrie W/ Natural Gumption says:

    Well put Chris! We are so connected these days….it’s crazy!
    Good work dudebro! I like the stuff your putting out!!

    • Avatar Chris Davies says:

      Thanks Carrie, I really do believe we have hit a saturation point. But it’s not a terrible way to learn new stuff. “monkey see, monkey do”

  2. Avatar claire stone says:

    Chris – for those of us who are stuck in dry-land, the edits are one way of keeping our edges sharp! You are right though – there was something very cool about watching something which had become a legend way after the event!

    • Avatar Chris Davies says:

      Hey Claire,
      I think there a few of kinds of edit out there, the one that reports news/results, they are a minute or under. I think these are the ones that appeal to me the best. Then there is the pro-rider webisodes, this is where the new tricks and style are showcased. Then there’s the team edits that report on groups and gangs, showing their shenanigans and where their at skill wise. Personally, right now I can’t keep up….!

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