Never Quit

April 25, 2012

Running a skateboard program I get to skate with all kinds of people.  Everybody loves skateboarding, that’s a given.  This difference is usually one of intensity.  When I first started doing this, I’d have someone who’d insisted they couldn’t skate anymore and I’d hand them by cell phone.  “Call your best friend,” I’d say.  “I want to tell them that you just can’t skate anymore.  You’re done.”  The skater would always smile, get up and start rolling again.


I’ll tell you what I really like.  I like skaters who pushed themselves, who try things they can’t do.  People who fall without drama.  Skaters who skate an hour long jam nonstop.  Will Halper took some photos of three riders on our team this year.  All three of these guys push themselves.  All three of these guys keep learning new trick.  All three of these guys make me wanna be a better skater every day.


Matt Falconer flows continuous lines wherever he skates.  His light touch is so much more deft than this photo lets on to.

Evan Fitzgerald has just started charging.  He nearly won a high ollie contest last week and his tres are daunting.  He’s hard to keep up with.

Rene Mesones is just working to develop in every way he can.  He inspires us all to boost higher, skate longer, and ride everything out.  What can I say?  Inspiration rolls up pretty much every day and I’m thankful for all my friends.


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