October 20, 2009

Much of the Glog is about day to day life at Gould Academy. This week, there is something a little different happening on campus. Walking across campus or dropping into a classroom it wouldn’t likely be noticed. But, for the next several days Gould is hosting a visiting committee from the NEASC, the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. Every 10 years Gould faculty and staff spend about 12 months taking a close look at all aspects of our school. The self-evaluation is then evaluated by a visiting committee who grants us accredidation.

In our self evaluation we’ve taken a close look at Gould’s:
Experience of the Students
Resources to Support the Program
Residential Program
Evaluation and Assessment
Health and Safety
The Accreditation Process

With that many topics, it’s no wonder it took over 12 months to go through the process, and over 100 pages to generate a report!

Back to day-to-day, we had another RESIDENTIAL RUMBLE this weekend! I’m not sure which dorm (or day students) was victorious, but there were some Guitar Hero surprises. If you’re not familiar with Guitar Hero, check out this Youtube video. The player needs to strike the “guitar” keys in time with the lights. As far as video games go, it could be worse!

Piglet update: all 13 are doing well, as is mom. I don’t have any new videos this week, but will next week!


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  1. Avatar Greg Gilman says:

    Cool Guitar Hero video! Does anyone know what version of Dueling Banjos that is?

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