National Museum, Lama Temple, Pearl Market & Duck Dinner

March 15, 2016

(Written by Mr. Shifrin)

We had another enriching day in Beijing!

Shifrin Group in China 3.15.2016

Our first stop was the .  Our student were great and patient as we made our way through the security screening.

Shifrin China 2016 3.15.2016

There was a powerful Salvadore Dali exhibit.  Many of the student enjoyed the gifts to the head of state.  This included stuffed swans from President Nixon and some silver bowls from the Clintons and Obamas.
Everyone found some balance and inner peace at the Lama Temple.  Cindy, Haglis, Lexi and Harry taught the teachers how to pray at the first Buddha temple.  Bow three time in all directions.

Shifrin China 3.15.2016
After a noodle lunch we headed to the Pearl Market for some shopping.  The students bought many gifts for family and some items for themselves.  Beats headphones, watches, and sneakers were popular purchases.  The key will be how each student enjoys the items and how they negotiated a fair price at the stalls.
Shifrin China 2016 3.15.2016
Shifrin China Jacob 3.16.2016

We finished the day off with a duck dinner.  It was enjoyed by all and included some fish. It may have been first time students had been served a whole fish with eyes included.  My table enjoyed see me squirm as another student ate the eye.

The giggling and obvious enjoyment of the day was evident as we all headed back to the hotel for a good night rest before a busy day tomorrow.  The students have been terrific.  We are all proud of them and thank everyone for making this possible.
Shifrin China 3.15.2016

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