Name your creative confidence instrument + collaborations

February 15, 2015

What is my creative confidence instrument? A sewing machine. Ever since I can recall, my  mother had a sewing machine around and made clothes, costumes, dolls, and accessories for our house.  Sewing machines were magic. They could transform something old to something new and, as I learned to sew, they became an outlet for expression, economy and autonomy.  Somewhere between high school and college, I learned I could sew my own skirts, saving a good deal of money and designing exactly what I wanted.  Yet, there was always a little rub as people would say “oh, you made that skirt, didn’t you?”   My made by me look pre-dated the DIY hipster culture of now, so I had to build my own confidence about my creativity.

Building confidence  is tough. And tougher as an adolescent. Massive amounts of media, pop culture, and social media forces like YIK YAK seek to deride you and take your confidence down. The antidote to the derision can be to form a tough skin (easier said than done), give up and flat line your passion (misery and a sell out), or to find collaborators (viable possibility).

Collaborators are like  security blankets that repel the evil forces of conformity and banality. But, how do you find your peeps when you are keeping your creative instrument on the DL because you don’t yet have a heap of confidence to put it out there?  Yes, this is where it gets hard. First, you have look up and around. Look for people like Mike Ma, a banker / snowboard instructor who designs lessons around a culture of play with a hidden agenda of skill building. Mr. Lynch connected me with Mike, who is at the at Stanford learning all about design thinking and applying it to his coaching–Mike’s recent blog post is a great read for a coach. Check it out at Shredbetter.

Ma’s blog reminded my what the IDEAS Center is all about: a place to find collaborators and do stuff. Mr. Ayotte is starting to train students to use the physical fabrication room with a coat rack project. Nick, Wyatt, and David came in last Thursday and began the ideation phase. Here are the initial design sketches.  Hope you spent the weekend connecting with some of your best collaborators!

David's prototype







Wyatt's sketchNick's sketch


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