My week in Pictures

February 16, 2012


Monday is typically the on-snow coaches day off, unless we’re on the road at an event, or riding in a groomer with a park builder, constructing a course, etc. This Monday I did get the day off, so Helen and I moved some furniture in the apartment. And found 20+ play mice under the sofa……! So that’s where are cats hide them……!!

There they are....!


Valentines Day, Snowboarding…… and there was a lot of love in the air at Gould Academy, with deliveries from Out Reach, Love messages in the snow. And a sign on the back of my car….!

Sign on the car, I wonder who did that....??

Oh yeah, Helen and I also took part in a Webinar, hosted by Madeline from edsocialmedia, the subject  THE GLOG….!

Part of the Glog team, during the Webinar


Wednesday, Snowboarding……… and then off to the Wilkersons/Heddens, who hosted dinner at their house for the senior girls of Gehring, a lovely little spontaneous treat.

A lovely home cooked meal......

Well, that was it, so far…. So have a great rest of the week, and good luck to all the students in their 4 Point endevours.


The Davies’s’s’s


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