My Not Birthday!

March 1, 2013

Happy Friday Everyone!

This week I want to share with you a little fun fact about myself. I was born on the allusive February 29th! Yes, I was born on a day that happens every four years. So, technically I’m only 4 1/4 as of today! I celebrate my birthday on the 1st of March, so today is my birthday! This birthday is an incredibly interesting one. I am constantly being teased about the fact I’m so young. But, I will admit that it is pretty cool to be born on this day.

I am so excited about my March break! This is probably my last glog post until April because I will be so busy.  First, as you are all well aware, I go on Junior Four Point. I come back from four point, and I have a day and a half turn around, and then, I get on a plane and hop across the pond to Spain! Probably the very best birthday present I could ever ask for! Then, I get to travel down to Florida to visit my Grandparents!

To finish off this post, I have a project to share with you. I had to read a book of my choice and find a way to present the main ideas from the book as well as any ideas that I formulated. I read a book about the assassination of JFK. After reading the book, it really hit me how much of an impact the assassination had on the American people. Here is my project if any of you would like to check it out!

Big Project 2012

Have a Good Break!



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  1. Avatar ryan laperle says:

    Happy Birthday, Alec! It’s Monty’s first birthday today too!

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