My Last Glog Post

May 26, 2008

WHAT A WEEK! This week has been the busiest week I have ever had at Gould, but a lot of great was in that. All my classes have final projects and loads of work due before school ends: In English we are each writing a short story that we are going to read aloud, in Spanish I had to write an eight page paper about a play we read called La Casa de Bernarda Alba, In Gov. I am writing a section on comparative government with South Africa, in painting I have to paint the same picture at three different times of day, and in Calculus I am creating our own amusement park ride. So this amount of work would normally be enough to keep me busy, but something fun has been happening during all the other times too.
On Wednesday night, Motor Booty came and funked up the campus with their jive tunes and groovy get-ups. On Thursday night we had Senior Auction, which is a fund raising event in which seniors are auctioned off, and they can do favors to their buyer the next day. I was bought by Annie “New Horse” Kantelis and she didn’t make me do anything too bad, except sing some song from High School Musical. Then on Friday night was Senior Gala, which was an absolutely amazing meal for all the seniors where we got to meet some alumni and basically got accepted into alumni status.
It was alumni weekend this weekend, so there were so many people around, including brothers and friends, and just all around people I enjoy seeing. This was no normal alumni weekend though, for we played the alumni lacrosse game, which is a lot of fun. A tradition at the alumni game is to announce the captains for next year, so Jonathon “Casheezi” Parsons, Adrian “Happy Spot’ Bouthot, and I handed down the torch to next years captains, Max “Maxi” Littlefield, Joe “Choo Choo” Johnson, and Scoty “Scooter” Baribeau. But the game was a lot of fun, and I got to play middie in the second half, which was great.
As I recap this past week, I realize that this is my last glog posting ever, for I am off to Tufts next year and it would be hard to write a glog from there. So I should really recap this year, and what a great year it has been. When you start a school year in the fall, your brain doesn’t really even comprehend the end of the year, but it really goes by faster than you think. One of my favorite things to do is “remember whens”, and this game is really easy, all you do is state one of your favorite memories of whatever your almost done with (we do this at the summer camp I work at a lot). So here is a my list of “remember whens”. . .
Remeber when…
-We had that intense double elimination dodge ball tournament in the field house.
– we had Halloween, the hilarious costumes and great dance.
– We danced like dancers during snowball.
– winter carnival was soo intense that some people even threw up.
– we climbed Tumbledown for Mountain Day
– We beat Proctor in Lacrosse by a nail biting one goal.
– Girls tennis went undefeated! I think thats a true statement.
– Kelly, Shannon and Abbie presented their four point presentation. and then again. and then again.
– Max and Joe randomly started singing that song “L is for the way I look at you”
– Everybody grew a beard for the amazing beard contest.
– All the new kids used to be actually new.
– I never thought that graduation would actually come.
But now graduation is less than a week away, and it will definitely be bittersweet. It is one of those things that is such a big and impacting events, that it hasn’t hit me yet that I am actually graduating. But we still have a great week ahead of us with a ton of great assemblies, Senior retreat, Bacheloreote (that is spelled so wrong), the Spring concert, The End, and then graduation. Sadly, I won’t be able to write about any of these things, because I will be a whole day as a High School Graduate by then, so you’ll have to take my word that they are going to be amazing. It has been great to try and give all you readers a little peak at Gould and my interaction and appreciation of it. Thanks for reading all year, and keep staying in touch with Gould. Donovan out.


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