my first FIS race, and other things i’m excited about

February 11, 2012

On Wednesday afternoon, I departed with 5 other girls on a trip to Mt. Sunapee, New Hampshire. We were headed to Sunapee for the first races of the NJR series (For those of you who don’t know, I’m a competitive skier). The thing about this series was it wasn’t just any series. It was my first FIS races ever. 140 girls. One mountain. One course. I don’t think I have ever been as nervous as I was on Thursday morning before my start. I ran 131st on Thursday, and 120th yesterday. Unfortunately, I didn’t finish yesterday, but the first day was good!

A few things I learned about FIS races this week:

1. You wait around forever. FOREVER.

2. The most entertaining thing to do during that time is play cards.

3. Sometimes, snow holds up a LOT better than you would think after 130 other girls ski over it.

4. You can be 2 seconds off the winning time and be in 50th place.

I definitely had a great a time, and I took some pictures.

Race course day 2

Passed Cannon on the way to Sunapee

In other news, the countdown to break has reached single digits (sort of). I have 3 days and 8 classes until I’m sent off (but not really because we stay on campus) on 4-point. After that, BREAK!

see yah next week and happy trails,



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