My daughter is a Polar Bear!

May 13, 2014

OVERHEARD IN SPANISH CLASS: “Para la comida hoy, se sirvió el opuesto de pollo, con agua y más.”  (Translation: “For lunch today they served the opposite of chicken, with water and more.”  (After I asked: “The opposite of chicken is turkey.”)

So it is springtime at the Academy, the time when young hearts turn to thoughts of ice cold water.

Yes, I just typed that. You see, at Gould Academy we teach our students to go above and beyond. To explore the world around them with a critical eye, and to focus in laser-sharp on what really matters in the world. Yes, we teach our students to jump into freezing cold water, and when they get out, we teach them to do it again.  Right away.

And you thought Junior Point seemed crazy.

This year, I am getting a close-up-and-personal view of this Gould Academy phenomenon, as our 11-year old daughter Chaia (name from Hebrew, meaning “if we say it’s crazy she just might do it”) has jumped on the big yellow bandwagon and joined the team that calls themselves P-p-p-p-p-olar B-b-b-b-b-ears (at least that’s what they sound like after exiting the what-was-an-ice-skating-rink-last-week pond.) Chaia has a friend, who we’ll call “Caroline”. And “Caroline” just loves cold water. Really cold water. So off Chaia goes, towel in hand, to jump into the cold water.

Did I mention that this is twice a week?

Did I mention that this happens at 6:00 IN THE MORNING?

So there goes my sweet child, off to experience two of my least favorite things, namely:

A: Really really cold water, and
2: Really really early mornings.

She must get it from her mother.

Here’s a picture of her this past week (stolen from Facebook, thank you Nancy Stearns!). She’s the one in the picture shivering.

Oh.My.Goodness. Brrrrrrrrrrrr........

Oh.My.Goodness. Brrrrrrrrrrrr……..


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