Music and Mountain Day – Chengdu Style

March 28, 2013

We started the day with a lesson on traditional Chinese instruments and discovered just how difficult they are to play!  The CEFLS students played beautifully and then patiently helped us try to make some music.  What we lacked in skill and tone we made up for in enthusiasm.

Late morning found us back on the bus heading to a reconstructed ancient village.  Many of the areas around Chengdu were damaged in the 2008 earthquake and they are just now reopening many tourist sites.  A wander around the village tasting some of the local cuisine was followed by lunch at a courtyard restaurant before we headed off to Qingcheng Shan.  This holy Taoist mountain is home to may temples with the tallest at the very top.  Most of us made it up the 1250 meters (just over 4000 feet) and enjoyed spectacular views and the satisfaction of a long climb on a very hot day.  A group of five opted for a shady rest at the bottom after walking up to the first temple.  The group missed Tim while he spent the day resting with his host family.


Caleb Plays the Pipa

Ani on the Guzheng

A Duet to Remember

Hammerin’ Will

Julia at the Yangqin

Mitch Tickles the Guzheng

John at the Guzheng

Group Effort on the Erhu

Emma Gets Instruction

Chase Plucks Away

In the Ancient Town

Entering Qingcheng

Girl Power

Chase and Caleb Trek On

Nearing the Summit

Worth Every Step

Taoism in Full Bloom

Mid-Mountain Lake

Return Trip Reward




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  1. Avatar Lesley says:

    Wonderful pictures!! Looks like everyone was having fun….The flowers are beautiful…

  2. Avatar grampie and grammie inman says:

    Hi Ani, Looks as though you were playing
    a pretty tune. Good to see you are enjoying
    your trip. Love you, See you soon

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