Muscles Are So In

October 22, 2013

The GACP ladies are racking them, stacking them, lunging them, and pressing them. That’s right, we are hitting the weight room and the cross fit with Coach Tracyn hard! Grace Connors and Lexi Bullen have been heaving kettlebells.



It’s all about getting ready for the season, and we have got it going on. Anna Mulhearn has been going up on her bench and squat weight every week so that she can be the fastest one out of the start this season!


Maddie Whittier has been pushing herself with lunges and planks. Kyrstin Gee has been mixing a little hiking with the Outing Club and lifting in the weight room! Lots of ladders for these ladies!

Photo 12

Ali Parker and Julia Getman have been preparing their fancy footwork for the slalom course by conquering the ladders.


Cross Fit has been killer training for the soccer ladies. From count-downs to wheel barrow races, it has been challenging for sure. Brooke Beckerman and Elle Burbank show off their muscles as they use the weighted exercise balls for their squats.


But these ladies are jumping to the challenge and will see the results when the snow flies! Megan Detels (moguls) and Shannon Maguire (snowboarding) rocking the box.

Photo 1


That’s all folks! You can find us in the gym, if you need us!

By: Coach Molly MacLeod


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