February 23, 2015



The freeride crew at the top of MRG (team pic)

The freeride team had an awesome couple of days at Mad River Glen at the first stop of the Ski The East Freeride Tour. Coach Rosenberg took a hand full of athletes over on Friday to poke around MRG, ski the course and get a feel for things before the comp on Saturday.


Shot of John and Jacob on the double chair @MRG on friday


Everyone put together pretty solid runs with some really technical lines for the competition.  All the athletes stuck to their lines in the comp and had stand up runs. Especially John Herron but unfortunately he got caught up in some sluff and washed out right at the finish line… right in front of the judges. (Video Below, its a good one)


The level of skiing set at the event  from all the competitors was very high.  All of the snow we have been receiving here in the east helped provide awesome course condition and allowed for everyone go big and really get after it .



View from the finish area looking up


John Herron had one of the best runs of the day going until the crash and still finish in 38th place with it.  Jacob Bennett broke a ski in training and was on a pair of random demos for the comp and landed in 63rd place… but had fun doing so.  Our two female skiers and freestyle/freeride team rookies both put down stand up runs and had the two top finishes for the team with Elle Burbank finishing in 18th place and Julia Getman pulled off a top ten finishing placing 7th.  (Julias run video below)

Note: We think Julia AKA JJ might of had an alpine racing flash back during the last turn she took around the end of the  boundary /boo/rope line……. not a gate.



Closer look at the bottom of  the course from the chairlift

This was an awesome event and we’re looking forward to all the upcoming STE  tour stops (  Great job and a big thanks to all STE, MRG, and our GACP athletes!





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