Mr. Southam: Teacher by day….Baritone player by night

May 9, 2012

Greetings all and welcome to yet another Wednesday GLOG dose,

This week I’ve decided to focus my post on a specific member of the Gould community (drumroll please….)

Mr. Peter Southam. (please note the bold print)


The man himself!

Everyone on campus knows Mr. Southam for some reason or another: whether he’s your Biology or AP Chemistry teacher (I’ve had the joy of taking both classes…), your trusted mountain biking or road cycling coach, your advisor, the person who sold you your bicycle, or even just that science teacher that has an annual assembly where he plays the guitar and has the entire school sing “The Rooster Song” (for those of you who do not know “The Rooster Song”, shame on you)

Mr. Southam, (besides being part teacher, part coach, part advisor, part bike- shop- extraordinaire, and part parent) is also a very talented singer and musician. He has been apart of the spring musical, he has his annual singing assembly (yes, “The Rooster Song”) and is also apart of the Mahoosuc Community Band, where he plays the baritone. The band has about 30 members, practices once a week on Mondays, and has about 4 to 5 concerts throughout the year.

How do I know this? If anyone has ever had Southam as a teacher (and most students here at Gould have) they know exactly when those concert dates are, and for a good reason. Not only is attending the Mahoosuc Community Band concerts guaranteed to earn you at least a little extra credit, but they also have great music and very tasty refreshments. This past Sunday was the spring concert, with a wide variety of songs and medleys including but not limited to:

  • “The Polka” – Joanne Strauss II
  • Prelude I -Bach
  • “Simple Song” – Leonard Bernstien
  • “A Tribute to Aaron Copeland”
  • “American Spectacular” – a medley of American patriotic songs, all very familiar
Below I’ve attached clips of some of the songs, sit back, relax, and enjoy! And a special thanks to Mr. Southam for organizing and putting on an excellent show! (Mr. Southam if you’re reading this and happen to be grading one of my bio essays, perhaps you should consider giving me some extra points?!….just a thought…)
See you all back here next week, the LAST WEEK OF CLASSES!!!



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