Mountain Top Eastern Cup

January 11, 2013

We headed over to Chittenden, VT on Thursday morning to get acquainted with the Eastern Cup course and practice on the race trails.

We arrived to a bluebird day!  The workout was 5x 1km race pace intervals on the classic course.  We did a little ski testing, but the conditions for the race are probably going to be pretty different :/ so there wasn’t much we could do in that department. (No complaints!)

There was evidence of snowmaking in a few places on the course, but conditions are great and it looks like it was preventitive because there is quite a bit of natural snow.  Sadie reviewing the course with Blazar:

Mountain Top is a pretty nice resort!

In a pretty sweet spot:

Sadie sporting her new colors at our pizza dive:

Whose autobiography is “Man in Black?”  Will Smith, Leela?

(answer: Johnny Cash…)  Evidently people from Vermont call this place (Rutland) RutVegas.  Speculation,

Marcello: they have gambling here (unconfirmed)

Nick: the entire town is on one congested road, The Strip (where we are staying)

Jeremy: Because they have 2 McDonalds here, which is like a sin in Vermont, so it’s Sin City.


Friday morning we got out on the skate sprint course.  Coach Blazar pulling out the test fleet for some base coat testing and sporting his old Colby tights:

We warmed up, then skied the course as a group and did 6-10 by :15 pickups over some key sections.

Marcello on a break, coming through what will be a fast section in the stadium:

Sadie and Leela:

Trent and Caleb:

Skiers went out for a run tonight in the light spitting rain.  Next up, races.


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  1. Avatar Vicky says:

    Good luck everyone!

  2. Avatar flyingpoint says:

    Nick – Please compliment Ms. James on her excellent apparel choice.

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