Mountain Day, Quanzhou Style

March 26, 2014

Quite a range of experiences today in Quanzhou.  We gathered in the morning and headed straight out from school for mountain day, Quanzhou style.  The mountain in question is Qingyuan Mountain, a peak near the city that is home to sites for several different religions.  Among the sights to see is the largest Daoist stone carving in China, a sculpture of LaoZi (local spelling) the founder of Daoism.

Qingyuan Mountain

Qingyuan Mt Calligraphy

Joe Takes in the View

Ashley and Kim at Sky Lake

Joy Sam and Jordan at Sky Lake

Empress EllaEmpress Ella


Grace Meets LaoZi

LaoZi Group Shot

Jordan Joon George Sam and LaoZi

After lunch we reconvened at school for “psychological class.”  The class was designed to help students feel less inhibited and to make them more comfortable meeting others.  The techniques were unlike any you see at Gould.

Psychological Class

Joe and HammerJoe Wields the Hammer of Justice for a Slow Answer

Jordan and KimKim Gives Jordan, The Soldier, a Hug (so did everyone else on their team)

Kim and HammerKim’s Soft Touch

Our last full day in Quanzhou ended with a talent show.  We were treated to some traditional Chinese instruments and the singing of pop songs, in both English and Chinese.  Ask Sean about the rose he was presented by one of the singers.  I’m not sure which was redder, the rose or his face.  Sam joined in with a rendition of The Maple Leaf Rag before we called it a day and headed off to do our packing and organizing for the long journey ahead.

Talent Show

GuqinThe Guqin

Sam Plays RagtimeSam Plays Scott Joplin

PipaThe Pipa

A very special thanks to Jenny, a college student doing an internship at the Fujian Quanzhou Foreign Language Middle School.  She was with us everyday and helped to organize our days together.  She made our stay run smoothly and we greatly appreciate her efforts.

Thank You Jenny!

Ashley Jenny and Whit


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