Mountain Day Kunming Style

March 21, 2014

So we timed our arrival perfectly! Today was a special spring holiday at KMFLS and each class (except for the 9th and 12th graders who are preparing for large tests that will determine their placement for high school/college) went out to spend the day celebrating spring! I went with half the group and their hosts to Dinosaur Valley, a paleontology research center/natural history museum/amusement park. Kristen went with the other half of the group and their hosts to Black Dragon Pool Park. She will post about their trip once she is able to connect to the internet.

Unfortunately, I forgot to charge my camera battery last night, so I only got a few photos today (and not very good ones at that…) but don’t worry, my camera is charged and ready to go for tomorrow.

group by entrance

Our small group, Schuyler, Colby, Chris, John and Ankey along with the hosts’ class at the entrance to the park. Because of some hosts needing to go to class, we were only joined by Mandy, Colby’s host, Lily, Schuyler’s host, and Maggie/Ma Rongjie, Chris’s host.




The Natural history museum had lots of reconstructed skeletons. It was pretty cool to walk among so many ancient creatures. As the park advertised, they waited 2 million years to see us!


group with Dinos

The crew with the dinos!



On one of the rides… you can see the blur of Schuyler’s red pants!

Tomorrow, we will come together as a group to visit the Yunnan Nationalities Village. There are officially 56 different minority (or nationality) groups in China. While the Han Chinese make up the vast majority of the population (about 91.5%), there are 55 other cultural traditions in China. 25 different minority ethnic groups are found in Yunnan, the province that Kunming is the capital of. So tomorrow should be an interesting day of learning more about some of the cultural diversity and history of the area we are staying in.

Sunday students will be hanging out with their hosts and then Monday is it back to the daily grind with a full day of classes at KMFLS. We will attend classes with our hosts and also have some specialized classes about some traditional Chinese art forms.

Hope all is well in Maine and beyond.



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  1. Avatar Rachel says:

    Looks like some great memories!

  2. Avatar Lorie says:

    Thanks Colin! Your posts and photos are the highlight of my day!

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