Mountain day 2011

October 7, 2011

Hi all!

Yesterday here at Gould, we students sacrificed a good forty-five minutes of our weekly sleep in, and went to our Advisory meetings early. Once there, most of us were met with our midterm grades and corresponding words of horror, disappointment, and outright panic from our Advisors. Luckily, lectures about the importance of doing homework and studying were cut short by Ms. Donovan’s announcement of an impromptu assembly. To cheer us all up, not only did she show the school a video of an adorable baby laughing, but she spoke the three words that the entire student body has been anticipating for the last two weeks: “It’s Mountain Day!”

And so it all began.

As usual, Mountain day consisted of everybody hiking up Tumbledown Mountain in Carthage(?), Maine. We made lunches, climbed over boulders, and collectively froze once we reached the top of the trail. Although it was a beautiful day, it was extremely cold–but snuggling up with friends is part of the tradition and fun of Mountain day.

Just off the buses

Mr. Snee's dog Rowan probably had the most fun

Courtney's puuumped to hike


Although most of us are now exhausted (my eyes are literally starting to close as I finish up this post), it’s a different, better kind of exhausted than usual. This fall, as Mrs. Donovan mentioned this morning, has been incredibly hectic and tiring for all. Especially being a senior, I’ve found it hard to be able to put down my homework or retain enough energy after sports to just relax and have fun with friends, and I know that my peers have felt the same way. Mountain day gives us all a chance to put away our books and forget the stress of classes and sports for a  little while.

Tomorrow is the official start of Fall Parent’s weekend, so we’ll be back to another busy couple of days before the break starts.  For a lot of us, it won’t be much of a “break,” since we’ll be busy going on college visits and freaking out over early decision application essays…but hopefully everyone manages to kick back and have some fun. It’s all part of the hectic yet wonderful life at the Academy.

Keep calm & carry on,



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