January 24, 2012

OVERHEARD IN THE DINING HALL: “Why do we have to wipe these tables down every meal?  They just get used again later today, right?”

Greetings, my funkadelic friends!  Last night kicked off Winter Carnival, with an appearance from those funkalicious cats from the planet Funktar- Motor Booty Affair!  It was “Ladies Night”, and they were “Lettin’ It All Hang Out” in the Bingham gym.  You know what they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words.”  Well, here are a few thousand words on last night’s big event:

Nice color combo, Doug!

Look out, ladies...


The Dancin’ Queens…


Brown chicken, BROWN cow....


Words fail me...Gettin' their groove on!


A great time was had by all- thanks Gould, for putting on this righteous event!

-Love,  Mr. Big Stuff


Mr. "Big Stuff", writing for Doug this week. Stay funky! DISCO LIVES!!!!!



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